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Bluszcz + Franio Mucha
bře. 3

Bluszcz + Franio Mucha

ul. Słowackiego 19, Poznaň


Informace o akci

Bluszcz concert as part of the Kiedy Wiosna Tour 2023. In Poznań, the band will be accompanied by Franio Mucha.

Bluszcz is a Wroclaw-based electronic-guitar duo formed by brothers Jarek and Romek Zagrodny. The band boldly draws on the sounds of the Polish synthesizer wave of the 80s. with elements of post-punk. They debuted with the album Junior in 2017 and played their first concert at OFF Festival. In April 2019, the band released their second LP entitled W naszych domach, this time entirely in Polish. In September 2020, they returned with the well-received album Kresz. The band performs live with Marcin, the drummer of the band Oxford Drama. At the end of 2022, their latest album, Nowy pop, was released.