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Bye Bye Bogdano: Bogdano Banani Deluxe + Waar & Ano + more
dub. 22

Bye Bye Bogdano: Bogdano Banani Deluxe + Waar & Ano + more

ul. Jagiellończyka 10c/d, Vratislav


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Informace o akci

Bogdano Banani Deluxe farewell concert featuring a whopping 6 local acts.

Bogdano Banani Deluxe is a slightly comedic hip-hop trio made up of three members hiding their identities under the pseudonyms Michello Delphini, Luca Banani, Pablo Alejandro. Previously associated with the metal band April in Pieces, their music combines hip-hop with strong influences from 80s pop and a hauntological synthwave aesthetic. One of Bogdano's members will also play as Skowyr Multirecydywa in a duo with guitarist Kuba Parzynski (Unfortunate Sons), with whom he has been co-creating a project combining hip-hop and guitar sounds since last year; and with the Komitywa MWK line-up. They will be joined by Ano and Waar, a duo of rappers associated with the crew Aya, rapper Gabriel Hermes and indie rock band Pretensje.