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Damian Ukeje
dub. 27

Damian Ukeje

ul. Rzeszowska 10, Leżajsk


Informace o akci

Damian Ukeje will perform in Leżajsk with his project Moje Boskie Buenos.

It is commonly said that music soothes the savage. Yes, but the truth is that there is more to it than that. Music is the speech of the soul, it can express love, but it can also heal the wounds of broken hearts. It can accompany moments of joy, but also soothe deep grief. This is the music that Damian Ukeje shares in the Moje Boskie Buenos project: the music of the band Maanam, full of the power to influence human feelings. Damian Ukeje decided to touch these songs, these emotions, once again. During the concert, Damian Ukeje will play acoustic versions of the most popular songs by Maanam, as well as adding a few of his own. The concert will be a kind of tribute to the band, but also an attempt to rediscover this music, to focus on it as art, not just legend.