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Dragon + Okrütnik
bře. 1

Dragon + Okrütnik

ul. Wólczańska 40/42, Lodž


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Informace o akci

#### Lodz will be visited by an undisputed legend of Polish metal – Dragon – accompanied by the horde Okrütnik, which has the makings of a legend. Both formations released warmly received new albums in 2023: Dragon Unde Malum, and Okrütnik Bloody Pontificate.
Formed in 1984 in Katowice, Dragon were a pioneering band in Polish extreme metal. They participated in all the first five editions of the famed Metalmania festival; during that time, they recorded the albums Horda Goga, Fallen Angel and Scream of Death, distributed worldwide. They performed at many metal festivals and toured alongside the likes of Death, Kreator and Morbid Angel. After releasing two more albums in the 1990s, they broke up. The band reunited in 2016; since then they have released two new albums, the latest of which is 2023's Unde Malum.

Formed in 2018 in southern Greater Poland, Okrütnik plays broadly heavy metal with thrash inflections and black metal elements in the vocals; their lyrics allude to poetry, negation of man and the world, the occult and nihilistic beliefs. The lineup began their career by touring with the legendary Turbo; in 2020, they released their debut album Legion Antychrysta. 2023 saw the release of their second and latest album Krwawy pontyfikat.