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Dzień Voli in Jazz: Lavon Volski & Paval Tryputs + Krystyna Gedzik Folk Inspirations
bře. 26

Dzień Voli in Jazz: Lavon Volski & Paval Tryputs + Krystyna Gedzik Folk Inspirations

Świętojańska 50, Gdaňsk


Informace o akci

Jazz concert in Gdansk's St. John's Church on the occasion of Belarusian Freedom Day will feature some of the country's foremost talent.

 The soprano Margarita Levchuk is among the most famous opera singers in Belarus. In 2016, she graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Music; from 2016 to 2020, she was a soloist at the National Opera and Ballet of Belarus; since then, she's held guest spots at some of Europe's most prominent opera houses. In Gdansk, she will perform with a trio led by pianist Konstantin Goryachy.
Joining her is Krystyna Gedzik Folk Inspirations – the quintet of Krystyna Gedzik, a Belarusian jazz vocalist living in Gdansk, formed for her 2013 album Folk Inspirations. Folk Inspirations dresses up Gedzik's bold vocal performances—inspired by Belarusian folk music—in straight-ahead jazz arrangements. The concert will be hosted by Ivan Padrez.
The event was organised with the support of the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre, the City of Sopot and the City of Gdansk.
Спецыяльна да Дня Волі каманда Mara Fest падрыхтавала асаблівы праект Mara Jazz. Музычнае джазавае свята адбудзецца ў чароўным месце – касцеле святога Яна. Гэты вечар раздзеляць 2 таленавітыя праекты: Krystyna Gedzik Folk Inspirations і Margarita Levchuk & Konstantin Goryachy Trio. Вядучы – Іван Падрэз.
Мерапрыемства адбываеццы пры падтрымцы Надбалтыцкага цэнтру культуры, адміністрацый Сопату і Гданьска.