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Ewa Sad + Anatol
úno. 17

Ewa Sad + Anatol

ul. 11 Listopada 22, Varšava


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Informace o akci

Eve Orchard returns to the Clouds following the release of her debut album Bum bum. The evening will be opened by Anatol.

Ewa Sad is a music producer, songwriter and visual artist whose favourite mediums are songs and music videos. She lives and works between Warsaw, where she is involved with the concert songwriter collective Polonia Disco, and Berlin, where she co-founded the art choir BWKŁS. Formerly one half of the duo Sorja Morja and creator of the Mom Dad My Band project, in which she involves her parents in the performance of her high school songs with 'bureaucratic' trickery. Her music is a non-obvious mix of genres, based on electronic sound and bass guitar, with lyrics that are engaging and rich in layers of meaning. She has performed at the OFF Festival, Soundrive and Great September, among others. At concerts she is often accompanied by visuals by Dominik Nawrocki, and her music video for the single Fungi was nominated for the PL Music Video Awards.

Anatol's songs were written as early as 2011, but they can wait many years for events worth writing lyrics to. All songs of the Anatol project are about love. In the meantime, the following have happened: Golden Autumn, Hair, Lounge Ryszards and the opening of the enjoy life label. First song EP Fantasy Violence, in between smaller experimental lo-fi releases: guitar solo In spring and mix Richterskala. First song album Ana in 2021. Currently, the band has practically finished writing the material as well as some of the recordings for the second guitar song album What comes out of it and this material will be presented on stage as a trio - Anatol, Mikołaj Kołaczek and Paweł G.