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Giöbia + support: Wodorost
kvě. 5

Giöbia + support: Wodorost

ul. 11 Listopada 22, Varšava


Informace o akci

Giöbia will perform in Wrocław, Warsaw and Krakow as part of the tour promoting the album 'Acid Disorder'.

Giöbia is a quartet playing psychedelic rock with Italian accents. The band made their debut in 2009 with the album Hard Stories. Moments later, Giöbia made a strong presence in 2013 with the album Introducing Night Sounds, which secured them a place on European stages. In 2016, the band released the album The Magnifier, which helped to propel the quartet's career forward. As a support act in Warsaw, the band Wodorost will perform. Wodorost is a band that fills a gap in the Polish stoner scene. Their music does not fit into the standard notion of fuzz-rock, psychedelia or post rock. Although it draws from each of these genres, it retains a distinct originality and cohesion, most associated with the original scene from California's Palm Desert. The trio transports listeners to the sandy shores of the desert shrouded in cosmic dust.