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Gypsy Orchestra: Back to the Roots
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Gypsy Orchestra: Back to the Roots

Estery 5, Krakov


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Informace o akci

Gypsy and the Acid Queen and their orchestra will play a special Back to the Roots show at Alchemia in Krakow.

Gypsy and the Acid Queen is a pseudonym of Krakow musician Kuba Jaworski. Using the technique of looping sounds, guitar, electronic instruments and vocals, he creates the sound of the entire band, putting listeners into a hypnotic trance. Oneiric melodies combined with psychedelic and blues guitar sound and wrapped in a slightly mystic voice, telling a story out of this world create an atmosphere of the summer of '69. Kuba has recorded two very well received albums, namely: Gypsy And the Acid Queen and Dni miłości/Noce cudów. His next release is an EP entitled Ultrafiolet recorded with production duo Azymut, which is promoted by the singles Mala and Katastrofy, which was in 2021.

The Kraków show is a one-off event in which they return to their roots. Organically, without any computer and samples. They will play songs from their first album that they haven't played for a long time, there will be new arrangements of their hits, there will be brand new songs that you won't find anywhere else, there will be wind instruments, there will be guests, there will be even more solos, there will be ecstatic dancing. The orchestra will perform as follows: Nikodem Dybiński (keyboards), Jakub Wojtas (guitars), Piotr Wykurz (drums), Krzysztof Pikuła (bass), Szymon Paciora (trumpet) and Kuba Stawiarski (trombone).