Koncerty v ČR ČR Praha Brno Plzeň Olomouc Ostrava

dub. 2


Rynek 1, Rzeszów


Informace o akci

In its tenth year of performing, the rebel orchestra returns to its raw roots to give a fully acoustic concert as part of their trasa kryzysowa tour at the 6-scian Pub in Białystok.

Fast, simple and uplifting songs for four instruments and voices will once again transport listeners back to the years. The main theme of the tour is crisis – a word that has become part of our everyday language and paralyses all social activities. The crisis also means scarcity, so the special performances of Shame! will take place without a sound system, lights, or professional stages. The audience will be forced to stand as close as possible to the musicians in order to hear the words and feel the pulse of the songs – exactly as they were conceived one spring day in 1933 in one of Krakow's backyards.