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Heave Blood and Die + Ciśnienie + Give Up to Failure
zář. 29

Heave Blood and Die + Ciśnienie + Give Up to Failure

ul. św. Krzyża 4, Krakov


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Informace o akci

Norway's Heave Blood and Die will visit Poland, accompanied by Ciśnienie and Give Up to Failure.

The Norwegian five-piece Heave Blood and Die may have moved from the stoner metal of their 2016 debut album to bombastic, atmospheric rock since, but echoes of stoner idioms can still be heard in their sound; with hypnotic extended forms, psychedelic production and a penchant for fuzz pedals. They cite bands from Jesu to Killing Joke among their inspirations; their songs fall at every possible point on this spectrum, sometimes taking aim at transcendence and sometimes at straightforward rock songwriting. They have released three records, the latest of which, 2021's Post People, is a concept album with a post-apocalyptic theme; they will be debuting music from their upcoming fourth LP on this tour.

Katowice's Ciśnienie aims to create the most harrowing and intense musical climaxes imaginable. Their sound is a mixture of post-rock, orchestral music and hypnotic jazz, with inspirations oscillating between bands like Swans, Fire! Orchestra and Mogwai, and the music of Henryk Górecki or Arvo Pärt. French horn, violin and keyboards combine with seemingly incongruous distorted bass and frenetic percussion, resulting in exceptionally colourful and varied soundscapes: from improvised, psychedelic ambient to rhythm-driven, ostinato walls of sound. In 2021, they released their debut LP Radio Edit.

Wrocław, Poland quintet Give Up to Failure was formed in 2017 by Mark Magick, formerly of the coldwave act Aviaries. In their music, they operate at the rarely explored intersection of atmospheric, shoegaze-ish languor, bleak coldwave gothic and post-rock – sometimes even post-metal – pathos. They have two studio albums to their credit, the most recent of which is this year's Cocoon.