Koncerty v ČR ČR Praha Brno Plzeň Olomouc Ostrava

lis. 24


al. Niepodległości 22, Zielona Góra


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Informace o akci

The Krakow folk duo Kirszenbaum will perform at Zielona Gora's Cafe Noir.

Kirszenbaum is a joint venture of Kacper Szpyrka (philosopher, bookseller and violinist, who has recorded with HellHaven, among others) and Jakub Wiśniewski (Anglicist, musician and tech writer), whose previous collaboration in the band Pora Wiatru has resulted in more than 150 concerts, an appearance in the finale of the TV talent show Must Be the Music, the main award of the Polish edition of the Emergenza Festival, a series of crowd-funding concerts in trams or an appearance at the German Taubertal Festival. As Kirszenbaum, they play a contemporary and very specific interpretation of Slavic, klezmer and Anglo-Saxon folk music, watered down with a dynamic, whispering and shouting vocal duet. They declare influences from Tom Waits and Nick Cave, as well as extra-musical sources like silent film and literature from Albert Camus to Terry Pratchett. Since their formation in 2017, they have performed on the stage of the Polish Radio Lutoslawski Concert Studio, opened shows for Fisz Emade Tworzywo, Zywiolak and the Warsaw Vilalge Band, and played dozens of shows throughout Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia; they have released two studio albums, the latest of which, Się, came out in 2021 on Karrot Kommando.