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kvě. 24


ul. Tunelowa 2b, Varšava


Informace o akci

Koza will perform at Warsaw's 2 Koła.

Koza, an artist who has taken the Polish scene by storm, escapes genre frameworks, schemes, and his persona polarizes listeners like few others. His rap creates a distinctive, original and psychedelic world, which goes stylistically and thematically far beyond the framework of hip hop. In 2019 Koza released his debut full-length album on Lekter Records Mystery Dungeon and a split OrangeburgerStraße with Ozz, a member of Bypass, a crew of which he was also a part. His debut led him to, among other things, an interview for Gazeta Magnetofonowa, the finals of Sanki (a poll of Gazeta Wyborcza selecting new faces of Polish music) and a show with Resina and BNNT - far beyond the rap world. In the same year, he also took part in the Popkiller Young Wolves action - an action that invents rap talents - resulting in the song Chlup Chlup and a music video made for it. In 2021, an album recorded with Kuba Więck, Skies Over Berlin, was released, and in July 2022 the rapper returned with another solo material entitled Amok. In 2023, he jointly released Gear 3000 material with Barto Katt.