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Lunacy (release party) + Unborn Suffer + more
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Lunacy (release party) + Unborn Suffer + more

ul. Prymasa Tysiąclecia 48a, Varšava


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Informace o akci

Lunacy will visit VooDoo Club with new music from their album Disconnection, accompanied by three bands representing different corners of death metal.

Lunacy is a Warsaw groove/death metal outfit, formed in 2017 by former members of the band Hornad: Piotr "Hornadgit" Dobrowolski, Leszek Gołuński and Michal "Opos" Skolimowski. In 2020 they released their debut EP Cold Reboot, referring to the state of humanity and the deeply felt uncertainty about the relationship between humans and technology; Disconnection will be their first LP.

Lunacy is joined by Bydgoszcz band Wyrok, which dates back to 1983. The founder was drummer Jarek Kozbial. The band's output originally oscillated around heavy metal, but the influence of emerging thrash or death metal was clear. Before breaking up in 1988, guitarist Radek "Fred" Gizynski joined the lineup, and with his addition, Wyrok changed its name to Morgoth; Gizynski reunited the group in 2006. In 2012, they released their first studio album, Judgement; currently, their latest release is 2018's To the Last Drop of Blood, foregrounding their thrash and death metal influences.

Also on the bill are Unborn Suffer, a deathgrind band from Bydgoszcz, Poland, formed in 2001 and since then led by guitarist and sole constant member Damian "Sfenson" Bednarski. In 2004 they self-released their full-length debut, Procreated Suffering; it included covers of Mortician and Napalm Death, which hints quite a lot at their modus operandi. Since then, Unborn Suffer have released six studio albums, an EP, a live album and two splits; their latest release is 2021's Covered in Grind, featuring brutal covers of bands ranging from Nirvana to Anal Cunt.

The bill closes with Devaner. Formed in 2016, this band from Bielsk Podlaski draws on 1990s thrash and death metal. In 2017, they debuted with the album Fear of Being Born; 2022 saw their second and latest release, Never Forget, Never Forgive.