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Łydka Grubasa + support: Talo Gerhard
úno. 23

Łydka Grubasa + support: Talo Gerhard

Dworcowa 51, Bydhošť


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20:00 Talo Gerhard
21:00 Fatman's Foot

The spring instalment of the ÊĆ się imię Twoje tour of Łydka Grubasa. The occasion is the latest album entitled ÊĆ – and the band promises that this will be a tour unlike any they have done before.

Someone once said that the real place for rock music is in the clubs, as close to the people as possible. And that's what this tour is all about! We want to be as close to you as possible and we want to play the most honest rock possible! - this is how Łydka Grubasa announces the upcoming tour. The band will visit clubs they've never played before, play material from the new album, their biggest hits, and also reach for a couple of songs such as Dni gminy, which have appeared less often in previous setlists, but which are close to the band because of their harsh, harsh character. There will also be some absolute novelties announcing brand new material. Łydka promises to cut a full swathe across the stage, with no censorship, no compromises, no heart and no tongue in cheek. Supporting bands will perform with Łydka in individual cities, and some will be accompanied by a brass section.