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Na trakcie Żniw – Legendarium: Żniwa + Percival + more
lis. 18

Na trakcie Żniw – Legendarium: Żniwa + Percival + more

ul. Tramwajowa 1-3, Vratislav


Informace o akci

Na trakcie Żniw is a regular event organised every year by the Harvest team. The fourth edition is titled Legendarium and the bands that will spin stories and legends are: the true legend Percival (with an unprecedented line-up), the hosts Harvest, the fantastic Rustica and the extraordinary Gudar. Co-operations between line-ups of bands are also an integral part of the event. At the same time, everything will be streamed on the band's YouTube channel - you can watch the three previous editions there, where Żniwa played with Żywiołak, Łysa Góra, Kosami, Huskarl and Dziwoludy. By entering the concert hall, you are granting permission for each person to be recorded and consent to the publication and dissemination of audio and video footage of their image.