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Nenufar + Michał Stawiński Oberschlesien + Inverne
čen. 14

Nenufar + Michał Stawiński Oberschlesien + Inverne

Świdnicka 37, Vratislav


Informace o akci

A concert where the power of industrial metal sounds intertwine with symphonic and gothic sounds. Nenufar will play material from the album entitled Take The Pain Away. Special guest and headliner at the same time will be Michał Stawiński's band Oberschlesien, supported by Krakow's Inverne.

Nenufar is a symphonic metal band founded in February 2022 in Bytom by Mariusz Świątczak, participant of the 12th edition of The Voice of Poland programme, and his fiancée Magdalena Gościcka. The style that characterises Nenufar is a combination of symphonic metal music with elements of goth and modern metal. Female vocals, full of delicacy and ethereality, meet with male growls and heavy, low-tuned guitars, creating an unusual harmony of sounds and a sound that cannot be compared to any other band. Despite having been in existence for less than two years, the band can already boast two albums: the first is the EP Last Goodbye released in 2022, consisting of three compositions, and the second is the album Take The Pain Away released in September 2023.

Michał Stawiński Oberschlesien is a project formed in 2019 by former musicians of the band Oberschlesien, led by its original vocalist Michał Stawiński. Its activities continue the modus operandi of that band, combining Silesian-language lyrics with an industrial metal sound and spectacular concerts inspired by the Neue Deutsche Welle. Inverne is a death metal, gothic-progressive band from Krakow. The band owes its distinctive sound to extended guitar melodies, heavy progressive riffs, dark basslines, strong selective drums, interspersed with symphonic interludes and female vocals.