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Pale Path + Above The Life + Faith Lost
dub. 27

Pale Path + Above The Life + Faith Lost

ul. Kolumba 5, Štětín


Informace o akci

Pale Path, Above the Life and Faith Lost concert in Szczecin's Krzywy Gryf.

Pale Path is a Warsaw-based band serving up a dose of energetic, uncompromising, heavy riffs that thrill with their melodicism. During the entire tour, the gents will be promoting material from their album Flatline and from the EP Primal, which is already well-known to Polish audiences. Above the Life was founded in 2017 in Gdańsk - they have been playing in their current, changed line-up since 2022. Sonically, they are closest to the term progressive metalcore: heavy riffs, strong breakdowns and expressive vocals, supported by numerous melodies and electronics, are their most important features. They cite bands such as Breakdown of Sanity, Parkway Drive and The Ghost Inside among their main inspirations. Joining Pale Path and Above the Life in Gdansk is local band. Faith Lost. The band has three EPs to tis credit: Past Present Future (2014), Sickness In My Heart (2016), Details (2020). Metalcore, electronic metalcore, deathcore play major roles in their music. Their work is filled with aggressive sound, strong guitar riffs, harsh growls and screams. The whole is tied together by clean singing and a lot of electronic motifs.