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Panilas + Organic Sounds
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Panilas + Organic Sounds

ul. Jana Pawła II 20, Brzeg


Informace o akci

Panilas and Organic Sounds will perform at the Herbaciarnia Niezależny Ośrodek Kultury.

Panilas is the project of Magdalena Sowul, producer, composer, vocalist and clarinetist. A deep journey into the thick of the female experience, taken in an intricately woven electronic vehicle. The beat mixes with bitterness, like mascara with tears in a five o'clock disco bathroom. A bit to dance to, a bit to cry to.

Organic Sounds oscillates around the idea of spontaneous and free music - referring to tradition but also willingly confronting it with solutions that break conventions. Their concerts are a journey across time and continents: they draw inspiration from Middle Eastern music, shamanic trance, West African blues, folk and various forms of club electronics. Oriental Turkish lute passages alternate with psychedelic riffs of processed guitar, synthesisers are accompanied by gongs and Tibetan bowls, and electronic beats are complemented by tribal drumming and percussion rhythms. The instrumental layer is complemented by eclectic female and male vocals, bringing it to life with melody, throaty chants and sonic imitation.