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Prog & Rock: Proage + Euphorizone + Atme
kvě. 17

Prog & Rock: Proage + Euphorizone + Atme

Świdnicka 37, Vratislav


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Informace o akci

Prog & Rock, an event dedicated to Polish bands exploring the rich heritage of progressive rock, will come to Wrocław's Liverpool.

Proage is a band that has existed since 2008, moving on the border of art rock, metal or progressive rock. Ideas, emotions, a kind of sadness and reflection in the lyrics that work on the imagination, complement the sounds coming from the speakers. The band's trademark is expressive vocals, original lyrics and a solid rhythm section. The band has two EPs, two live releases and five albums, the latest of which is Purgatorium, released in 2024.

Euphorizone is an instrumental and vocal portion of rock music mixed with the progressive inspirations of the group's co-founders. Melancholy and art-rock fantasies with the indispensable participation of keyboard electronics, in the frame of dynamic rhythms create a horizon of words and sounds on which a group of passionate musicians found themselves, creating together their own zone of sound. The band was formed in September 2016 in Gniewkowo. In late 2022 and early 2023, it recorded its debut album in the studio. The album, entitled Invictus, was released in May 2023.

Founded in 2013, the Wrocław-based Atme group is composed of four friends and at the same time four integrated personalities with their own style and quality in music. Their work is characterized by stylistic diversity, complex compositional structures with variable metre and psychedelic atmosphere shrouded in mystery. They refer stylistically to traditional folk music and progressive metal, and with improvisation, which is an element of both their rehearsals and concerts, they look for their own unique sound and character.