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Rat Kru
bře. 15

Rat Kru

ul. Pieniężnego 5, Olsztyn


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Informace o akci

The hip house duo Rat Kru will visit Olsztyn.

Rat Kru balance between art and kitsch, sometimes crossing both. Rat One (also known as Witek or Wódek), who hides behind a rat mask and is responsible for the music layer, guarantees a whipping with a dance beat, while Winogrady Lew, also known for his solo music and poetry, paints fragments of reality in lyrics that stimulate the imagination. They call their music concrete samba, sowing disgrace and making people dance at concerts and festivals both in Poland (Spring Break, Tauron Nowa Muzyka, Męskie Granie) and abroad (Tallinn Music Week, Seasplash Festival). Their newest album is entitled Winogrady – in honour of the Poznań district where Witek and Paweł grew up (and where they have their production and ideas room and a piece of basketball pitch).