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Show Case: Concert & Session Band
bře. 15

Show Case: Concert & Session Band

Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 67, Berlín


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Informace o akci

In spring 2023 two concerts of Show Case will take place at ART Stalker. With the almost original 80/90s line-up again, the older ones will be able to feel reminded of the legendary FLÖZ Rock'n'Blues Jam Sessions – and some colleagues might even spontaneously feel like jumping on the ART Stalker stage and jamming a few songs along.

This event will feature Rock & Blues music from the following musicians:inside: Franz de Bÿl, Stephan "Hopper" Hoppe, Jens Saleh, Rolo Rodriguez and some other guests and old and new friends & teammates.

Note: The last tickets are available at the box office for 15€.