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Sing Sing – das etwas andere Mitsing-Konzert
čen. 9

Sing Sing – das etwas andere Mitsing-Konzert

Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 67, Berlín


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Informace o akci

Oops, here they are again! After the quickly sold out super event in April, Sing Sing once again ... and with a new program!? How do they do that? Of course only with your vocal help ... The Sing Sing pre-summer sing-along concert - a good-humored sunny live experience again, where everyone can raise his voice. Before an extended summer break, Sing Sing invites you back to the Art Stalker. Sing Sing turns with your many-voiced effort again a hot sing-along thing from criminally sugary Schmachtfetzen, charming chansons, hot Dancefloor continuous burners and edgy rock songs - an all around rich Mitsingrausch. SING SING presents hit classics and fresh pop gems that are sure to give you a lot of pleasure. Sing Sing - set the tones free.