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Tesseract + Unprocessed + The Callous Daoboys
úno. 7

Tesseract + Unprocessed + The Callous Daoboys

ul. Fort Wola 22, Varšava


Informace o akci

Prog metal is experiencing a renaissance, and the titans of the genre from Tesseract, who have bought several generations of fans with their technique, precision and melodies, know this best. The group will visit Warsaw with their album 'War of Being' and special guests.

Tesseract is one of those groups whose career is watched like a good film. Already with their debut One, they were heard by many, and the prog metal world gained another line-up ready to revolutionise the genre. In time, the band released the modern mainstream form's breakthroughs Altered State and Polaris, and have since been exclusively on the rise, playing in their own extravaganza. The Brits have entered the last decade and a half of modern metal by today's standards - they weren't looking for old-school analogue sounds in progressive rock. This is music from under the sign of maximum coolness, perfectly shredded rhythm, albeit with room for lofty melodies and even a touch of upbeatness. The effectiveness of this remains undeniable - after all, the Buckinghamshire band still has many imitators to this day.

Germany's Unprocessed are another of the groups who, in their search for the perfect distillate of prog metal, do not escape into the distant past. It is evident that the authors of last year's Gold are children of their time, which is why they throw syncopated djent rhythms into the songs in addition to complex rhythmic figures, but not only. For here, the idea of music is multifaceted, and alongside the above tropes they also host math rock or even echoes of the melodicism of contemporary pop.

Mathcore crew The Callous Daoboys show that the boundaries of the trend are only set by the imagination, and these Americans have a huge imagination. They feel no problem at all in combining mathcore with an almost grind-like intensity, emotions drawn from post-hc, avant-garde rasps or alt-metal.