Koncerty v ČR ČR Praha Brno Plzeň Olomouc Ostrava

úno. 23


ul. Słowackiego 19, Poznaň


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Informace o akci

For seven years Trupięgi have been presenting Bolesław Leśmian's poetry as they feel it. Their concert is not only about music, it is also an intimate encounter with the world, both seriousness and horror, as well as love and laughter, and sometimes an encounter with oneself. They build a dark, soulful atmosphere, although sometimes they laugh, mocking "the world's mirth". The concert is over 80 minutes of communing with the poetry of Bolesław Leśmian, in a unique setting and unusual music and interpretation. During the concerts, they play with sound and words in a playful manner to take the listeners to an unobvious, semi-biblical and oneiric world.