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Ulwar Fest: Doomas + As Night Falls + more
pro. 9

Ulwar Fest: Doomas + As Night Falls + more

al. Muzyków 1, Chorzów


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Informace o akci

Five bands from Upper Silesia, Wroclaw and Slovakia will play shows at Chorzow's Leśniczowka to celebrate the birthday of Lukasz Ulwar Szczyglo, founder and editor-in-chief of the Music Wolves music portal.

The doom and melodic death metal band Doomas was formed in 2006 in Nova Bana, Slovakia. Since the beginning, it has been led by bassist and vocalist Peter Betko, who is also the organizer of the Gothoom Open Air Fest; the band's lineup is currently completed by Kalmi and Noro Bajzat on guitars and Erik Sabo on drums. Doomas has three albums to its credit, the latest of which, R'lyeh, was released in 2023.

The symphonic metal band As Night Falls was formed in 2010 in Katowice. In their hitherto music one could hear inspirations of such bands as Nightwish, Within Temptation or Epica. With the release of the album Awareness they decided to deviate from the classic framework of the genre, introducing electronics and progressive elements. So far the band has played concerts in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Holland, Belgium, the UK and supported Tarja Turunen, Eluveitie, Liv Kristine, Antimatter, Antrosis and shared the stage with bands such as Diary of Dreams, Sixpounder, Vane, Moyra and Proletaryat.

Spatial is a metal band from Pyskowice formed in January 2010. The band was founded by three current Spatial musicians – Kubek, Jimi and Bocian. In 2014 they released their debut album Silence; since then they have played alongside giants of the genre such as Behemoth, Vader, and Riverside. Zgroza is a Wroclaw-based black metal band active since 2019, consisting of Kyriake (vocals), Antris (guitar) and Zmor (drums), known from such lineups as Lilla Veneda, Powder and Zmora. Zgroza's debut album, Życie to zmysł, o którym zapomniano, was released in 2020. The line-up closes with Heretique, a Silesian black/thrash outfit. They have been active since 2007; since then they have released two studio albums, the latest of which is De non existentia dei (2016), and have shared the stage with bands such as Kat & Roman Kostrzewski, Horrorscope and Christ Agony.