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Wąbjazzno 2024: Sobota festiwalowa
srp. 3

Wąbjazzno 2024: Sobota festiwalowa

ul. Mikołaja z Ryńska 11a, Wąbrzeźno


Informace o akci

The festival's proposal for spending Saturday 3 August musically is two concerts: Q YA VY and Tribute to Polish Jazz, and the concert day will close with a Jam Session by Tomasz Mądzielewski and friends.

Q YA VY mix jazz and rock, creating an explosive mix of energy with Cuban rhythms. They are distinguished not only by the artistry of the musicians forming it, but also by their multi-generational character, as the oldest member of the band was born in 1958 and the youngest in 1990. Together, they offer the listeners a portion of music maintained in the tradition of stimulating jazz-rock with a strong and distinct Latin element and attention to performance discipline. Tribute to Polski Jazz is a fourteen-member big band; a project created on the initiative of percussionist Tomasz Mądzielewski. The concert programme will include compositions of Polish electric jazz of the 1970s and 1980s. The energetic JAZZ evening will conclude with a Jam Session played by Tomasz Mądzielewski and befriended musicians.