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Zenek Kupatasa
čen. 2

Zenek Kupatasa

ul. Jagiellońska 13, Varšava


Informace o akci

Acoustic Solo Act by Zenk Kupatas at Warsaw's Bazar.

Zenek Kupatasa is one of the most prolific artists on the Polish music scene. He has been actively creating, writing songs and releasing albums independently since 1997. At the age of 15, he founded the band Kabanos, which he led for 21 years. He currently works under his name. In three years, he has recorded six solo albums. It is hard to pigeonhole him; in the first stage of his career, he combined heavy music with absurd humour. Nowadays, he focuses more on his philosophy of life, beaming with optimism, sincerity and joy of creation. He is a psychologist by training, and his Rezyliencja, split into two albums, is about adaptability to the reality around us.