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Żniwa + Weljar
dub. 14

Żniwa + Weljar

ul. Sienkiewicza 10A, Malczyce


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Informace o akci

Dark folk acts Żniwa and Weljar with a show in Malczyce.

Żniwa is a married couple of multi-instrumentalists in love, Skjere and Raido. They play neo-Celtic, Slavic and Nordic pagan folk, inspired by ancient beliefs, legends and fantasy. They exclusively use acoustic instruments – including the lute guitar, five-string violin, didgeridoo, various drums, Celtic harp, talharpa, as well as Irish, concert and overtone flutes. Both members of Żniwa are also part of the touring line-up of the group Żywiołak.
Weljar is a project inspired by Slavic times and shamanism, which is full of longing for the closeness of nature and the primordial power inherent in it. They create melancholic music rooted in folk and ambient.