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Zacieralia 2024
led. 12

Zacieralia 2024

ul. Fort Wola 22, Varšava


Informace o akci

The Unlimited Creativity Festival (and sometimes also known as the Embarrassing Creativity Festival). Two days of fun with the craziest and most unconventional artists, traditionally at the Progresja club. Zacieralia is a cult rock and alternative music festival with a unique, down-to-earth, comedy character, hosted by the Zacier band. The annual event concludes with a performance by the supergroup Gorąca Pyta Nerona, formed each time from scratch and made up of members of the bands performing at the festival. Both days of the event will be hosted by the inimitable comedy group, Łyżka Czyli Chilli.

The first day of the festival will be opened by Team 10 Sedes, immediately followed by Crue. Probably a moment later, the audience will witness a shocking combination - the Pieseek Group, led by Mr Gregory and Dr Yrego will unite forces with the legendary Miszcz Pawarotti aka Phantom Man aka The Syntetic. If there is any sense in continuing the festival after this performance, there will be a new line-up by Janusz Zdunk with Kasia Sobczyk. And then it's downhill from there - there will be Zacier, TPN 25 and Transgresja. The day will end with a concert by Ztvörka El Dupa Kolektyw.

On the second day for a good day - forest punk performed by the group Forest Dziadostwo. Then a hard hit from the Insekt group. A little later, the lovely Ranko Ukulele will sweeten the atmosphere, but not to make things too easy, Klangor will follow soon after. The well-known and loved SMKKPM will play new and old hits, followed by a second performance by the festival host, quite different from the first. Finally, the legendary Proletaryat will perform at Zacieralia for the first time. Oh, and the Grande Finale, a great improvisation under the banner of Płonąca Pyta Nerona.