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Marcus & Martinus
Mar. 21

Marcus & Martinus

Pernerova 53, Praha


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Marcus&Martinus are going on their very first European tour in 2018, Moments Tour, and today they added seven new stops to their route: Zagreb, Ljubljana, Belagrade, Athens, Prague, Warsaw and Linköping.

The tour has already sold out large arenas in Norway, Sweden and Denmark; the first arenas sold out in less than 10 minutes! The Norwegian twins have extremely loyal and eager fans from all over Europe - and the boys themselves are very much looking forward to going on an European tour. 

«We’re super excited to add even more cities to our Moments Tour, and can’t wait to visit our fans in all the different countries » Says Marcus Gunnarsen. 

«We have the greatest fans in the world! We’re so much looking forward to perform in front of them again, and our Moments Tour show is gonna be bigger and better than ever before», says Martinus Gunnarsen. 

The Moments Tour are visiting all the Nordic countries, as well as Germany, Switzerland and Austria. And now also Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Czech Republic and Poland. 

The tour starts in February, and Marcus&Martinus has already started the rehearsals. The tour has the same name as their new album, Moments, and the 15 year old twins from Norway are excited to create new and unforgettable moments together with their fans during the Moments Tour.

About Marcus&Martinus: 
The 15 years old twins from Trofors in Norway first hit the spotlight when they won the national singing contest Melodi Grand Prix Jr in 2012, only 10 years old. Since then they have released two studio albums, a number of hit singles, and have performed in front of sold out arenas inn all the Nordics. Despite their young age, they have already released a biography («Our Story», 2016) and a full-length documentary («Together about the dream», 2017) and been awarded «Artists of the Year» at the Norwegian Grammys.
They are about to conquer the rest of Europe too, with sold out concerts in Germany, Poland and Austria among others earlier this year, and a complete chaos during their visit to Greece. 
On their third album, «Moments», they have collaborated with several acknowledged producers from USA, Norway and Sweden.